Heartbreak on the Menu


I knew there was something there because we were at each other’s throats.
Now we’re adult appliances dragging words out of each other’s mouths. And nothing comes out.
Maybe just grief.
We have grief and spices on the menu today. How would you like to serve it, please?
The spices will do, thank you. Save the grief for mourning times.
I’ll also have a black hole with a teaspoon of honey, please.
Yes, coming right up. Sugar?
Anything that poisons or asphyxiates, please, yes.
Sure, my colleague will take your order in an instant.
Make it two.
I need to catch my breath. And give yours back. Or take it and hide it from her.
Chaotically yours, TRULY. How blind one can be when they’re hungry.
I crush the end of my fork tenderly. Continue reading

20 Inspirational Quotes on Money


(c) Mark Wagner Money Art Collage

In relation to my last post regarding the issue of money (a piece I still cannot properly categorize as prose, poetry, mad thoughts, or simply scribble and babble), I can say that all seems to be gravitating around money lately, around the lack of it and around profit. So I tuned my words according to the pressing notion of an inherently flawed monetary system.

My relationship with money has always been a complicated one – not entirely divorced, but still not getting along. Here’s an insane thought I keep having: how about living in a world where the only currency is nothing but a patch of humanity? Yeah, I know. Idealistic to the bones. Meanwhile, I have gathered here 20 inspirational quotes about money from more or less famous people. And I will also leave you with this question: what is money to you and how often do you think of it? Continue reading