strange seas

Figure at the Window

(c) Salvador Dalí Figure at a Window

strange is the waiting
that turns seconds into eons
stranger the liquid silence
before the eruptive violence
ambrosial chaos between the dreams
that unite oceans and depart seas
fleeting and slithering,
an ever-growing zigzag
of recollections and treasures.
strange is the miracle
of washing away
rivers run dry
for waters to progress
freely without a cry.
stranger from afar
you leave all of my doors ajar
let’s paint sand castles
on surrealist benches and porches
decipher and explore
the message from the bottle
Parisian lettres of autumn.
through a snowing still
I gaze at spring and feel
a stranger near my windowsill
as seasons turn the wheel
blue waves bow
to the undulating powers that be
carrying you ever closer to me.

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