Vincent van Gogh Undergrowth with Two Figures.jpg
Vincent van Gogh Undergrowth with Two Figures

A science poet at his wooden table
Yearns for knowledge and neatly scribbles
Of eons and the Blue Bubble and a Visitor
On his blank canvas I splash with colors,
Darkest hues of black,
And theories of multiverses;
Together we mesh
A space of tender for the beautiful minds,
An aria for the lovers
To whom the night skies bow,
A reversal of time
As our timelines intertwine.
On this perfect day
We are wood nymphs
And we believe in faeries again,
Together we are trees
With tales for branches and glimpses of Eternity
We clap for sacred birds to join our madness
And in that rave
We expand and become forests
Of thousands and thousands of light beams
That caress the Earth
And bring life
In the Universe.
An operatic voice
Croons of black holes
Painted differently
For anthropological eyes to see,
Split the atoms of significance
And make all a kaleidoscope
In unison.
Rising from the ashes
Of burnt past
There’s a clock that ticks right
In every way,
The magical hour
That alters and tricks time
You are now mine
And the Hawking Radiation may confess;
All across the landscapes
There is no greater beauty
Than the green of the world,
The green in a cup of green tea
The green in a cup of black coffee
That are sewn in an all-encompassing green
Of starry reminiscences
From each of our lives
Before the singularity burst into multiple sounds –
The music of the universe
And all the choir voices
Are singing the same chorus:
Take this journey with me.
I am near
In the pen you write with
Take a walk with me, darling
To the left
And when we find it
We’ll say we have lived
And speak
The unspeakable, the unspoken, the yet unnamed

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