As the World Falls Down

(c) Lesley Oldaker Painting

Let the cello strings

Estrange me

From your world

Of human casualties

Beyond any repair

The music echoes bitter burials

And mourning for what has been lost

In living


Is there healing in this scribbling pen?

What coup de plume can take me there?

Where you don’t have to buy your way into the world

Where you can play with the other children

Where they teach grace and compassion

And leave the naked dead bodies out in the sun

Where there is no economic fallout, genders, nor politics

This obscene adult show

Crippling the young

Making them pride of their crimes against humanity

Crafting murderers, and buyers, and numb appliances

Where do we start

Stitching calamity and chaos into bits of creation and meaning

Sewing the wounded corpses into people with radiant smiles again

We stand divided and disgusted

Marching blindly towards what was promised to us

Not knowing that what we’re looking for

We’ve already left behind

All that was pure and good and kind

A beam of hope, a touching chord

We are now floating away from each other in a crowded ocean

Like solitary galaxies

Gravitating towards the abyss


I’ve wasted all my colors

Dulled them into grey

But still I seek for lighter tinges

For somebody more like myself

Tapping their foot at every good song

And grieving at every injustice

Am I waking up or falling into the deepest sleep?

Kill me but do it kindly,

Toy with buttons, wage on wars,

And have the world at your feet


I exempt myself from this

As the world falls down