Waiting by Marin Sorescu – (Translation)

Waiting by Peter Bienkowski

They say things will pass through again
Where they once did
Like comets, fleeting feelings.
All you have to do is wait for them,
All you have to do is tear,
While standing still
Infinite pairs of shoes.

This means that the black locust tree
That was cut down last autumn
Will grow again, even for one instant
From its old root.
That you will really love me again
In a few billion light-years away.

Oh, maybe it won’t be that long,
Who knows!
Here, I’ve already started waiting for you
Measuring time with my beard,
Forever by forever.

Translated by Gregoria Green © 2020

Așteptare by Marin Sorescu

(original text)

Cică lucrurile mai trec odată
Pe unde-au mai fost
Ca nişte sentimente comete.
Trebuie numai să ştii să le-aştepţi,
Trebuie numai să rupi,
Stând pe loc
Infinite perechi de ghete.

Asta înseamnă că salcâmul
Tăiat astă-toamnă
Se va mai înălţa pentru o clipă
Pe vechea lui rădăcină.
Că tu mă vei mai iubi cu adevărat
Peste câteva miliarde de ani lumină.

O, poate nu mai e mult până-atunci,
Cine ştie!
Iată, eu am şi-nceput să te-aştept
Măsurând timpul cu barba,
Veşnicie cu veşnicie.

© Marin Sorescu

Marin Sorescu (29 February 1936 – 8 December 1996) was a Romanian poet, playwright, and novelist and probably the most famous Romanian writer of the latter half of the 20th century. His works were translated into more than 20 countries, and the total number of his books that were published abroad rises up to 60 books.


His final volume entitled “The Bridge” was published in 1997, shortly after his death. Much of this volume was dictated to his wife Virginia as he was too weak from liver cancer to write himself.

He has also been known for his painting, and he opened many art exhibits in Romania and abroad. He occupied the position of Minister of Culture within the Nicolae Văcăroiu Cabinet, without being a member of any political party, after the Romanian revolution of 1989 (from 25 November 1993 to 5 May 1995).

His published poetry books include:

Poems (1965);
The Youth of Don Quixote (1968);
Cough (1970);
Fountains in the Sea (1982);
Water of Life, Water of Death (1987);
Poems Selected by Censorship (1991);
The Crossing (1994);
The Bridge (1997) posthumous publication.

A Defence of Poetry

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
(c) gregoria green

“Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.”

This is a quote by the great and controversial English Romantic and philosophical poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley (August 4, 1792 – July 8, 1822) from his essay A Defence of Poetry, published posthumously in 1840.


The reason I like this quote so much is because it speaks volumes on how poets and poetesses have been changing history for centuries, even if at a micro level perhaps. But it’s often the lawmakers, governors or politicians who are being given credit for altering the state of the world. As outsiders, poets observe things, nature, people, animals and life as it is, from an objective standpoint view.

So here’s to the poets, who, in isolation, make society more bearable through mastering their craft.

© 2020



Morning Music

morning music gregoria green
(c) gregoria green; original photo by @hitoshi513

she could keep living like this
a queen in her own right
painting a vulgar picture of the world
alone in her corner full of records
recordings of the mind
early morning is now but a dream
let sleep be my only vice
as she holds her head high now
pulsating with life
and threading hope from sound to sound
it’s you and you alone inside her head
green tea scent she will recollect
for when the good days have passed
into mortality
apple and cinnamon fill up the kitchen
and the rain comes down shyly from a wide grey sky
to a ground ready to receive it with affection
at 8.37 am
her cortex becomes the clock machine
menacing, ticking into folly
leaking the passage of time
but she carelessly lets her washed hair down
and glances at the nude painting of her muse
hanging right above the turntable
a black and white magnum opus that would make a whore blush
with stories of loss to turn a man’s hair grey
smoke finds its way to your undying lips
but you remain still, lifeless and as beautiful as ever
she takes another drag on her cigarette
and pours more tea from the kettle
to keep her awake for when you come alive
like Pinocchio turned to boy
B side A side B side A side
the record is relentless
it knows nothing of the suffering
outside its tunes
like celestial bodies in a lovelorn universe
spinning sorrowfully
to give her what she wants:
mourning music
thus she becomes the boy
all inside a song
that never ends
never ends




Bleak Friday

Add a heading
(c) gregoria green

i can still feel the stench of the dollar dripping into your IV
running amok like cancerous cells
infecting you with the deadliest of diseases
streams of ink like poison in your system
there’s no amount of discounts that can wash it clean

when did you start selling yourself
billboards are not your buddies

a holographic nightmare is screaming at you
to wake the fuck up before you’ve transacted your last human bit
or turned yourself into an ad that walks and talks

a wild machinery with paper money for blood
how much does human life cost?

humans 30% OFF lately, have you heard?
like mules, we are oblivious to our fate
angered only at some savage prices
counting the zeros, boosting sales, doing the magic trick
have you heard?
you are manufactured, perfectly reproducible in a giant vacuum,
like sheep on a shopping spree
subscribe click follow tag like buy share purchase watch view try mass produce kiss ass and sell

there’s no redemption without fallout
when do we change a 1 into a 0
and make every life
for every single day we have left

free of charge


(c) Dominant Curve by Wassily Kandinsky (1936)

decontaminate, decondition, declutter, disinfect, dehydrate, decongest;

deforestation, disaster disinterested, dissect a drone that demolishes and destroys, declassify danger, dirty debates in drowsy debauchery, dissension, distortion, division, distrust, you don’t decide, decry democracy for what it has denied, disturbing disorganization, denounce the decrepit design and the deranged, demented policies, degradation and delirium, a descent into delusion, do the deed and ditch all definitions;

devoid of differential diagnosis, dermatology delineated, disemboweled, disembodied
dig a tumor, degenerative, daring and deceased
disease disease disease
dengue fever, disability, diabetes, dealing drugs, drilling death on and on
dubious devious death.

ding dong, drip drop, the drums delay the day
dormant deference, demand and defend a dostoievski story, do you mind?

dunes and dust, dissipation in degrees, deep space that dulls a theory, doppler effect in a decade, dissolution and diffusion, divergence disposition, a dose of dreams, dark matter in decay;

didn’t i decide it was too much? it made all the difference. draining depression, detract and discharge. it is done.